FSM Video Series: Selection of Football Boots

The first video by Caleb McInnes is on selection of football boots. Caleb McInnes is a Sports Podiatrist and Co-Director here at Freedom Sports Medicine. His work with specialist athletic footwear retailers and close association with leading brands gives him excellent footwear knowledge.  Caleb has a strong sporting background, including representing Australia in Triathlon &… Read more »

Ironman World Championship – Kona, Hawaii

Now that a week has past since the Ironman, it is time to reflect.  I have always given time to reflect on all aspects on my life.  What went well?  What can I improve on?  What didn’t go so well?  The word that instantly comes to me at present is gratitude.  I was very honoured… Read more »

Las Vegas 70.3 World Championship

A few people have been keen for me to hit up my laptop and write up a race brief/report on the Las Vegas World Championships that I just came back from.  So lets get to it! I initially qualified for Las Vegas in the Geelong 70.3 as part of the build up for the Melbourne… Read more »

Kona qualification and Ironman Melbourne race report

SOME BACKGROUND A long weekend could not have come at a better time.  Right now I have my feet up, ugg boots on haha and chilling.  I am a big believer on sitting to reflect.  That is how we learn and embrace lessons to help deal with the future with more wisdom.  So this is… Read more »

The problematic calf muscle!

Good afternoon everyone!  Well that was just a crazy day today!  A 5hr ride that just got hotter and hotter out there today.  The killer was a 40 min run off the bike afterwards at 12.30 in the arvo.  Now I am at home after an ice bath, a good feed, with my feet up… Read more »

Planning, consistency and goal setting

Hi All!  I am back for 2013…. I know I have been a little slack over the last few months.  Well really I have been training hard outside work to train up for the Melbourne Ironman in March.   However I am now in a mini taper for the Geelong half Ironman or 70.3 as… Read more »

Running in the off/pre season

Right now is just a beautiful time to be training!  The sun is up early, the daylight is hanging around longer.  So more time in the sunshine to train – stunning!  Now this post is all about what to work on in the off season or preseason.  I am a firm believer that running or… Read more »

Running coaching

Running coaching is coming new to free2run.  So far since opening up the free2run business on the 1st of July this year I have conducted numerous assessments at Lifecare, Croydon Sports Medicine.  I am wrapped with the feedback that I am receiving and really enjoy spending quality 1 on 1 time with the runners/triathletes that I meet…. Read more »

Runner’s Knee

Runner’s Knee also called Kneecap Maltracking or Patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS)…. which is the technical jargon term for the kneecap not sitting where it should be as you run.  Now this is a very, very common problem.  In fact, without looking at the stats on the patients I see at work I would estimate that… Read more »

Minimalist Running Shoes

So what is the go with the minimalist craze……. Alrighty…. so what is the go with this big movement into minimalist running shoes?  I thought it was about time that I put up a blog that looks at it from a Sports Physiotherapists perspective. Personally I have completely made the move into minimalist running shoes/racing… Read more »