Stress Fractures

Unfortunately stress fractures are a common injury among runners.  Although bone may appear to be a static tissue, it is actually very dynamic.  Bone is constantly remodeling itself in specific location based upon a variety of factors. BASIC BONE PHYSIOLOGY BEHIND STRESS FRACTURES Without going into the physiology of this in too much detail there… Read more »

ITB friction syndrome

Well…. it is that time of the year again where a few unfortunate runners come in to see me every week with the dreaded runners curse… ITB friction syndrome. I want to dedicate this blog to ITB friction syndrome  .  The blog will aim to highlight some anatomical links, causes or pre-disposing factors and of… Read more »

Injury prevention and running

As promised, here is the second installment on injury prevention and running.  Now, I need to stress that this is only a summary of my thoughts, experiences as a Sports Physiotherapist for the past 9 years and from my numerous of years of university education (9 in total… ouch!, well 7 full time and 2… Read more »

Running injury prevention

I hope that you are having a relaxing few days off over the long weekend with your loved ones!  Personally I got in a great session on the wind trainer followed by a quality run off the bike, after chilling out, refueling and a little bit of shopping, I thought that I would live up to… Read more »

Sunday arvo update….

Hi All, I hope that everyone is well on this Sunday arvo in sunny Melbourne…. Quite a few things have been happening since the last post. The Nunawading Tri Club had their presentation night last night.  It was very humbling to be presented with the president’s award.  After having an arthroscope to my knee in… Read more »