About us

At FSM we turn your complex into simple – You can be free.

We consider your holistic healing as a whole so the true cause of your pain is found.

At FSM, our agenda is very simple, we are a team of experts committed to helping you get the best results possible to help you get back to your best.

Practitioners at FSM have additional specialised qualifications and experience to help athletes of all ages and abilities and the wider community reach their full potential.

FSM Physiotherapists have or are working towards achieving an APA Titled Sports and Exercise Masters accreditation, which is an additional 2 years of postgraduate study on top of a Physiotherapist degree where the practitioner is recognised by the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) as a Sports and Exercise Physiotherapist – very few practices in Melbourne offer this level of expertise.

Whether you are a Sports Fanatic or someone simply suffering from a sore neck we have the depth of expertise and knowledge to take your treatment experience one step further. We treat the true cause of your issue and empower you through specific and deliberate exercise prescription so you take control of your outcomes and success.

Our team of Sports Physiotherapists, Physiotherapists, Podiatrists, Myotherapists & Pilates & GLA:D Practitioners based in Ringwood since 2014, will collaborate to determine the best possible approach to your treatment and recovery. In some cases, this may mean a referral to another FSM service so you have a family of experts who know your story and how to address it holistically.

Team FSM has the passion to support you regardless of need, clarity in providing expert precision in care and the belief that together we can make the best difference for you. As a consequence, you are educated, empowered and enhanced so that you have the freedom to succeed.

At FSM we turn your complex into simple – You can be free.