The health and safety of our clients and team is our number one priority.

In line with the most recent announcements from the Victorian Government in relation to COVID19 restrictions, as a health service, we remain open to the public for essential face to face or video consults (telehealth). (Last updated on 15.7.21)

If you have any cold symptoms, even if you have had the vaccine, please do not attend your appointment and give our friendly Welcome Team a call.

Thank you for your ongoing compliance and understanding with our safety measures in place. 


  • Mask Etiquette Guidelines – SEE HERE
  • All practitioners will be wearing a mask. Masks available upon request.
  • Freedom Sports Medicine Health & Hygiene Tips – SEE HERE
  • Hand Sanitiser Guidelines –SEE HERE
  • Hand Washing Guidelines – SEE HERE
  • Social Distancing measures  – SEE HERE
  • Reception Screen Guards – SEE HERE
  • Screening of all clients: temperature check upon arrival & Sign in – SEE HERE
  • Ongoing team training  –SEE HERE
  • Welcome Team Hygiene Checklist –SEE HERE
  • Practitioner Team Hygiene Checklist –SEE HERE
  • Tracking logs for accountability and quality assurance checks – SEE HERE
  • “Telehealth” video consults – SEE HERE
  • Freedom Sports Medicine COVID 19 Safety Plan updated on 27.5.21 SEE HERE


Our Welcome Team are still smiling:

Everything is business as usual at Freedom Sports Medicine and we are open for essential face-to-face appointments or telehealth.

We have the highest of standards and use a third party expert to ensure we remain up-to-date and keep you safe whilst navigating through unusual times. We recently benefitted from an inspection from the DHHS where the inspector commented that we were the “best they had seen”.

We love you guys and look forward to being a great source of comfort and keeping you on track during a time where it is easy to lose momentum!❤️

If you do have any questions or are looking for some advice we’d love to here from you, just simply get in touch by using the chat box below or call 8838 2882.

We understand the importance of you continuing to lead a normal life. To smash your goals. To be able to access your healthcare, without disruption.
Pain doesn’t take a holiday. It can increase with the current uncertainty and higher levels of stress and anxiety.
We have you covered❤️ with essential face to face and telehealth video consultations dependent on you as an individual.
Do I need to wear a mask?

Patients and all team members are required to wear a mask. There is a screen guard up in reception and the practitioner will be wearing a mask at all times.


Am I allowed to bring a family member?

We encourage you to attend on your own where possible. Unless you are bringing a child or accompanying someone who is dependent on you. If unsure please call 8838 2882 in advance.

Do I need a GP referral to attend my Physio or Podiatry appointment?

No GP referral is required as confirmed by the Australian Physiotherapy Association.

How do I know if my treatment is essential?

We do not recommend you self-diagnosing or determining the seriousness of your injury.

Our expert team complete an essentialness checklist prior to your appointment, which determines whether to have your care face-to-face or via telehealth.

If we need to switch you over to telehealth we will contact you.

If you have not been contacted it means the essentialness checklist determined your care as essential – Please attend your appointment as normal.


Can I travel outside of the 5km radius and past 8pm to attend my appointment?

Yes you can. As you are receiving medical care these restrictions do not apply.

If you are unsure on whether you can attend your appointment please give our friendly welcome team a call on 8838 2882

I have a runny nose. I know its just a cold. Can I still attend?

No. Unless you have been COVID 19 tested if you display any symptoms of a cold please switch your appointment over to a video consult (telehealth). This also applies of you had the vaccine.

Will a video consult (telehealth) help me manage my pain?

Yes. The video consult option has been a popular way for clients to still attend their Physio or Podiatry appointment if they need to self-isolate or if they are international clients. Here is our top 10 rundown of the appointment:

  • Complete subjective assessment to ensure we have a detailed and accurate understanding of your goals and why they are important to you.
  • Complete objective assessment to ensure we know how you are moving and where your deficiencies are.
  • Accurately diagnose your condition and educate you through our digital software.
  • Educate and empower you by teaching you a range of exercises to ensure you are self reliant.
  • Demonstrate self-release & self-massage techniques to manage those stiff areas yourself!
  • Offer movement and activity modification advice e.g how to manage your training, how to best train within the hour restriction.
  • Answer and address any concerns you may have in regards to your current program or progress.
  • FREE ‘smartphone-based’ rehabilitation app with all of your exercises and treatments for complete clarity.
  • Send you resources and treatment materials.
  • Keep track of your progress through our goal based app so you never lose momentum.
Can I use my private health with a video consult (telehealth)?

Several private health funds have agreed to provide benefits for individual (one on one) physiotherapy and podiatry teleconsultations. For further details use this link:

Telehealth FAQs

Do other third party payers fund telehealth?

In some cases. For further details use this link:

Telehealth FAQs


I still have questions. What do I do?

No problemo! This is a confusing time! Right?!

Please reach out and call 8838 2882 or use the chatbox on your right how ever big or small your question is. We are here to help.