Sprinting and the Hamstrings

The major determinant to increasing speed is the ability to propel our body in a forward direction. During high speed running we generate force through the ground orientated both in a vertical and horizontal direction. It is how well we orientate this horizontally that mores so determine sprint performance. This is relevant for track athletes,… Read more »


It’s coming up to a few weeks before Melbourne Marathon, so I wanted to talk about tapering. Tapering is a method used in the lead up to an event to reduce the overall training volume to allow for improvement in performance without losing the training adaptations that have been gained. Fatigue drops quickly to expose… Read more »

Pre-Activation for running

  In a lot of the blogs we have talked about the importance of your glutes and hips being strong to support our bodies mechanics when we run. For a lot of us, these muscles are naturally weak but additionally when we try to strengthen them or use them during a run they may not… Read more »

Hip tightness

Hip tightness in runners is a very common occurrence. Hip tightness can occur through our hip flexors which include the smaller muscles that cross from the hip into the pelvis/back and our quadriceps which cross the knee joint also. Tightness can also occur on the side and back of our hips which relates to the… Read more »

Achilles Tendinopathy

Achilles problems in runners are very common, particularly in distance runners. The Achilles is the most powerful tendon in the body required to absorb energy on landing and produce a propulsive force to push through the ground during take off. The management and treatment of an Achilles issue is dependant on the diagnosis. Achilles pain… Read more »

Runner’s Knee

Runner’s knee is a common cause of knee pain in runners, also known as patellofemoral pain syndrome. Pain is generally felt under or around the knee cap (patella) due to the cartilage underneath the knee cap becoming irritated. This occurs due to a maltracking of the patella in the groove of the knee, typically with… Read more »

FSM Video Series: The T-Kick

In the next video, Ross shows us the T-Kick – an exercise that’s perfect for engaging and strengthening your glutes. [embedyt] [/embedyt] Ross Kinsella is an APA Titled Sports Physiotherapist and Co-Director here at Freedom Sports Medicine. His considerable knowledge of Sports Physiotherapy stems from his 13 years of varied experience in the Australian Defence… Read more »

FSM Video Series: Bow and Arrow Stretch

In this video, Tom shows us an exercise that helps with thoracic spine (mid back) mobility, known as the “Bow and Arrow” stretch. Great for those of us who are stiff from sitting down all day. [embedyt] [/embedyt] Tom Purcell is a Physiotherapist here at Freedom Sports Medicine. He enjoys treating a vast array of… Read more »

FSM Video Series: TFL Release

This next video by Kelly is on TFL (Tensor Fasciae Latae) release. This release is essential for those with ITB issues. [embedyt] [/embedyt] Kelly Linaker is our Myotherapist here at Freedom Sports Medicine. She has extensive experience working with elite, national and junior level athletes, giving her a thorough understanding of the demands of sport…. Read more »

FSM Video Series: Thoracic Spine Mobility

In this video, Tom talks about the importance of thoracic spine (mid back) mobility and how stiffness here can lead to concerns up and down the chain. [embedyt][/embedyt] Tom Purcell is a Physiotherapist here at Freedom Sports Medicine. He enjoys treating a vast array of musculoskeletal conditions ranging from acute, sporting and work-related injuries, to… Read more »