FSM Gear

Our #teamfsm gear is NOW AVAILABLE!


Jump on the link below to order yours today.

To Order:

1. Click on the link on the Verge Sport – Australia website:
There are stores for “BLACK” options and “WHITE” options using the same link, but with different passwords (see below)

2. Click on the ‘TEAMSTORE’ tab

3. Enter the password: (case sensitive)

Black Store: FSMBLACK
White Store: FSMWHITE

4. Chose your gear and follow the prompts.

**Please note: Sizing is your responsibility. Sizing chats are accurate, so please use them. This gear is designed to fit firm. If you are unsure of which size will be best for you, Verge Sport suggests ordering on the larger side. If you have ordered our gear before, we suggest ordering a size larger as this is European sizing.

Looking forward to seeing you in our gear.
— Team FSM