The position of the foot is often overlooked during the bike fitting process, despite being one of the most important parts.

SOLESTAR insoles have been specifically developed for cycling, using an innovative and patented Stabilization-Delta. SOLESTARs work like a clamp in your shoe, reducing the recurrent shear forces and optimizing body posture.

With its three main contact points, it holds the foot its neutral position for optimal power transfer throughout the entire pedalling cycle:

  • No loss of power
  • Maximum Stability
  • Maximum Comfort



SOLESTAR CUSTOM contains a core made 100 % from carbon and takes the individual situation of each cyclist into account. SOLESTAR CUSTOM allows for the correction of individual asymmetries and offers the best support your feet can have while cycling.

  • Individually fitted for each cyclist
  • Maximise power transfer
  • Help prevent overuse injuries
  • Hand made


SOLESTAR KONTROL contains a Black Fibre core which utilizes its patented Stabilization Delta.  The material is stiff, yet still has mild flexibility and is specifically developed for use under high loads.  It can be worn in any cycling shoe comfortably without customisation by simply choosing the correct size.

  • Improve comfort
  • Prevent loss of power
  • Maximise stability