Injury Prevention, Strength and Conditioning

IP S&C stands for Injury Prevention, Strength and Conditioning. Ross Kinsella has a Masters in Strength and Conditioning, and is now offering this service to his patients. A new and exciting development for FSM, the three unique programs have been designed to provide high-end rehabilitation, education and performance enhancement across different stages of life.

Each program will involve a 90 minute initial consultation, involving a thorough screening process and the development of a specific program. This is typically followed by a 60 minute review with Ross every 6-8 weeks to progress exercises and to provide continual feedback and improvement strategies.

Teenage Athletes

Here we focus on developing movement competency, correcting poor habits and looking at mobility restrictions. We then move on to strengthen the patient, enabling them to move into a more demanding training schedule as they develop and mature into a young adult.


Enhancing performance with the aim of progressing to higher intensity strength training is the focus here. Form and technique is vital to nail before moving onto mobility improvement, training advice and strengthening exercises.



Muscle deterioration in both strength and mass as we age is far too common. In this program, we prevent that from occurring by enhancing strength through resistance training. This method has been shown to increase a patient’s capacity, raise their independence and prevent many disease and joint concerns such as arthritis.