Get onto hamstring origin tendon problems FAST!

A lot of hamstring origin tendon issues are coming into the clinic recently.

This is a classic runners injury that can be avoided with the right preventative advice. 🙏

Like any tendon concern, typically these become symptomatic when a load applied to it is beyond its capability to adapt and respond to – especially if it occurs over a few sessions, back to back.

⏰The earlier these are treated, the easier they are to treat.⏰

1️⃣In the early phases they are what we call “reactive”, which means that:

  1. If you bring the load back
  2. Loosen the areas that you are compensating in
  3. Provide strength to the appropriate tissues

upon reloading the tendon typically adapts, responds and settles well.✅

2️⃣If symptoms persist and the load continues to be inappropriate for the level of fitness or running history, the problem can become embedded.

A range of issues can contribute to this such as:

  • a lack of hip mobility
  • hamstring flexibility
  • hamstring strength
  • gluteal strength
  • core control
  • over-striding
  • too much speed work
  • poor running mechanics

They can be fixed with a more chronic presentation, but the treatment required varies substantially to the reactive tendon.

⏰Please get on it quickly.⏰


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